Natalie C., Wellness Specialist

Most of my life, I have felt overwhelmed and completely defeated when it comes to simple things like getting dressed for anything from an event to a simple lunch with friends. I’ve always admired Maria’s style and presence and had no idea when I initially approached her that she actually was a professional stylist. Needless to say, I hired her immediately. I had a closet filled with clothes and yet, I always felt like I had absolutely nothing to wear. I would stand paralyzed in front of the masses of clothing and often give up at the sight of it all.

First, she helped me define, to the best of my abilities, what I was aspiring to style wise. She then did a thorough sweep of my closet with me which ended up getting rid of 75% of my wardrobe most of which I hadn’t worn in years. With the pieces I kept, Maria helped me discover new ways to style outfits that I never would have come up with myself and that look absolutely fabulous.

With shopping, Maria really listens to what I want and what I’m looking for. She has an eye for what works for me personally. I can’t say enough about the sense of freedom and relief Maria has given me. If you’re anything like me and getting dressed is anything less than a joy, Maria is your gift.